need to vent

having a momentary freak out over the whole neck surgery thing. seems to me like doing the first week of september gives me time to mentally prepare for 6 weeks off, round up any elves i might need to give me a hand and allows me to work the current work schedule “as is” and not throw work into slight upheaval as well.

called the surgeons office just to clarify some things (what is the operation i need again? heh. and tell me again what exercise and activity limitations exactly i should be following until surgery). and my surgeon called me back – i really like him! – and the end of his message was that he was sure the dates in september – EARLY september i want to emphasize – will work for his office, but, it is my SPINAL CORD  that is at RISK.

ok. that just sucks, that little emphasis there at the end. i have talked briefly to work, in the business office, and they are extremely supportive, but i just wasn’t prepared for all this and so soon! so i am waiting to hear back from the scheduler to just hear what the earliest appointment is.

OBVIOUSLY, i have been having a lot of pain and discomfort and i do have respect for my health and know that my health is a number one priority. and i guess, the sooner i get it done, the sooner i can resume that activities i enjoy in my personal life as well.

it is sounding like NO running, NO rowing, NO yoga, nothing upper body or head turning. i suggested swimming but even freestyle stroke he didn’t sound thrilled with.  crud.

at this point, again, i am not even thinking about nor concerned with the risks of surgery itself per se, its all the personal life stuff and not working. luckily, i do have health insurance and a great short disability policy that will allow me some income during the 6 weeks i have to be off.

i just was NOT expecting this at all!!! and that damn MRI! did i mention it looked scary to me????!!!! arg!!!!



  1. Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this, what a mess! But you WILL feel better after, you just need to minimize further injury and then let yourself heal up. Just think of all the podcasting you’ll get done while recuperating!

  2. Thinking of you every minute, sweetie!

  3. talkingtoair

    Just think about all the resting and podcast listening you will be able to do when you are recovering. And, when you are all healed, your spine will be just like new and you won’t have the pain anymore. A whole new you! I’m sure it will be tender and you will play it safe for a few months. No acrobatics.

  4. Jeff W

    Poor puddy tat, sorry to hear about your neck. Certainly thinking about you here.
    Sounds like mid September travel may questionable.

    Hope there is something that brings you some relief.


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