dear sweet baby jesus am i tired! it was a long day. my neck is killing me! oy! i sound like an old old woman. i am getting a zit. this is like a teen ager. my mother always used to say (and she was probably younger than i am now at the time) :

“there is no justice! i have grey hair AND pimples!”

i know what ya, mean, ma!

work was actually ok, just a few minor annoyance that are par for the course. like, oh, i don’t know, OB calling a STAT c-section to where i am the free body (who was just unlocking a gurney to go down the hall and start a case), RUN upstairs (STAT C/SX = <30″ decision to incision) to find….. nobody. the room not opened, the patient sitting there with her family. just kinda nutty! i guess a small failure to communicate…

but, all in all, it was a fine day. other than the now 10# i am up since the take steroids and don’t run or row edict came down. i try to remind myself to take deep cleansing breaths and recognize that if i weren’t eating coldstone ice cream like all the time, it wouldn’t be an issue. hello?

also. i have a crush. it is a growing crush. it is a crush that intially began to brew probably more than a year ago, but now we are actually friends and stuff. of course, as is part of my intrnal make up, he doesn’t even live in my fucking time zone (sorry for the profanity). go fig. but we share many common interests. and are of similar age and did i mention he is cute. like cutey cute cute? and actually he has been a super big help to me over the past several months and doesn’t even know it. and he sent me a present! the. best. pin. ever.

it is somewhat maddening as the last thing i need now or ever is too fall in mad crush with some guy 8,000,000 miles away!!! what good does that do anyone??? and by anyone, i mean ME. our paths are going to cross in RL in september- the end of my post op recovery time – and i am looking forward to it madly! madly!! seriously, alot.

i guess i should go to bed. i am off tomorrow. getting my hair did, may indulge in some beauty treatments at the med spa to negate the humongous body loathing i am going through at the moment. and i actually have some pain medicine. let’s see if it helps…


did i mention this guy is reaally reeealllly cute???!!??? DO YOU KNOW I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU??!! 😉


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  1. glad to hear you are not crushing on vomit guy anymore 🙂

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