i was a little freaked that miss dani thinks I have a crush on barf boy! quite to the contrary! now, i know i emphasized his innate physical charms, but i think he had a crush on me!!! πŸ™‚ to me, he was more of a… pleasant diversion! and yes, miss d, i have moved on!

still continuing to prepare for my upcoming surgery. no one at work seems to think it is as cool to either tape or extensively photograph the induction/intubation portion of my surgery as i dom (for a blog post of course)!! thoughts?

i had a massage this morning from mr. magic fingers – oh yes! let me just say, we talked the whole time and apparently, he is fresh out of relationship… also – and more importantly than the last thing – he IS older than i, and i learned some stuff about him. and he may have good tips on man hunting! yowza! oh, and he modeled for 15 years while living in italy. and he makes out calls. huzzah! actually, i want to just re-emphasize that, as tawdry as i make it all sound, he is extremely professional and gives a great massage. in fact, today was the first time we ever actually talked for more than 3 sentences.

i do continue to have this weird, long distance crush. but it isn’t weird. again, the guy is cute! age appropriate, single, and just – as friends – we have a lot in common. i just hate the whole distance thing. it is always WAY too easy to become very intimate (and i do NOT mean that in any sexual way at all) over the phone and via emails than it is in person. i feel the “computer dating” type deal (this is not me and him, fyi) contributes so heavily to rushing into and developing feelings based on talking – which is sooo important and good – BUT it can just be lacking in person. and who knows why? the main thing is, i so dig this guy and he is super nice and just the right combo of everything that i want to be friends! but there does seem to be a little…. male/female tension there, y’know? i just worry that i will sit home the next 6 weeks and construct some elaborate, vicodin influenced fantasy about the two of us, then, if we meet and it isn’t a romantic connection in person, it will end the friendship. i certainly hope not!!

well, time to work on this weeks podcast and shush crazy maggie. i am off my hospital job till tuesday. getting nervous about my surgery a little. but do believe it is what i need.

that and to win the lotto. πŸ™‚


  1. oh now i feel bad…. i thought you were crushin on him. my bad. glad to hear it was the other way around..

    thought of you and jennifer with your cat ears last night when tom jones sang pussycat πŸ™‚

  2. chica

    Sorry but i have to agree with the fact that it is not a good idea to film or photograph yourself during induction! I like the basic concept because it is way out there and no one else would be brazen enough to have it done. It is right up there with swallowing the martian that no harm could come of it but people thought it just wasn’t right. So therefore rethinking this whole thing, maybe that is exactly why you should do it! Boldly go where no one has gone before! You woman with a minor in women’s studies!!! It is a teaching institution, they should be used to the cameras. Find someone who you can trust to do it that won’t back out. (so you don’t find yourself in the PACU with nothing to blog) oh me! me! pick me!

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