what are friends for?


though donna would tell you that friends’ll help you move, GOOD friends will help you move the body, i think friends are for getting you hooked on pointless yet entirely WAY too amusing internet ephemera..

  jennifer has me reading graph jam every day now..

and it WAS airdrie who linked me to the dramatic chipmunk and the otters holding hands. awwww they are so cute!!!

and i came across the movie “boys on the side” so i DVR’d it yesterday. i LOVE this movie! i haven’t seen it in a little while, but, with the viewings i shall make in the next 6 weeks, my average view per year should still be about 850.


kind of a silly chick flick. whoopi goldberg is great, mary-louise parker is awesome (as usual). the relationship between the two is so sweet. won’t give away any spoilers or anything, but i just love their friendship and the surface message – cause it’s early and i am sure if i put my minor-in-womens-studies brain to it with full force, probably the entire movie is REALLY some kind of hateful indictment of women in a patriarchal society, i don’t know. also, we have appearances by the indigo girls, a really fun soundtrack, a road movie and – thank god – as far as i can remember – absolutely NO shopping montage!!! woot!

i just love it. and of, course, how can one NOT love drew barrymore in this?? was i ever that young, perky and cute? no. of course not. i must say, that watching this again only reinvigorates my lust for her hair in this movie. i did try to incorporate the daisies in the short blonde bob look in my youth, and suddenly, i feel i may have to go there again! also, may i mention , the INCREDIBLY shag and marry-able matthew mcconaughey (as police officer honest abe lincoln) is SO GORGE in this movie you may die.

so i feel it has everything. the heroine triad is actually more reflective of the parts of me than the cultural monolith that is sex and the city (ok, i do love that series as well and chris noth – yum!) (note to self – i guess i am horny girl or something today!!?? go fig). i am more holly, jane and robin in everyday and in every part of my life than i am the SATC gals. and actually, if you divide up samantha and miranda and distribute them in parts between charlotte and carrie and make a new pile that is jane (not to call you a pile, dahling), who is smart like miranda and driven but with the artsy, musician, earthier side – well, they are many of the same archetypes.

and i do find holly’s fashions more wearable on a day to day basis, though perhaps not quite as envy inducing as some of carrie and charlottes stuff, but she has a funkier fashion sense that actually is more true to the carrie, the early years, before pat fields made her entire wardrobe that of like the olsen twins…

 so go watch that movie and then make a graph about your favorite side dishes (boys!!)

 omg. matthew mcconaughey is so hot.


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