last day of work for a bit

i was so very lucky to be able to – at the last minute – change up this last weeks schedule so that i just have to go in for an evening shift tonite and had yesterday off. so it will still give me a bit more $$ before i have to go onto vacation time/disability. at least at the current moment i am not feeling as overwhelmed as i was earlier in the week. of course i fully expect that to resurface AND i know that is totally normal!!

so this weekend i will just be getting all the odds and ends in order at home. i am stockpiling entertainment materials as well! oddly, the worst thing about this weekend is that i want to save up my podcasts and internet stuff to provide me with distraction for the one to two nights in the hospital i will have. i will be glad monday i have lots of new stuff to listen too, but this weekend, it’ll just throw off my whole mojo!!



  1. You might have even MORE to listen to. Someone I know sent a DVD your way CHOCK FULL of audio. πŸ™‚

    Should be there by Wednesday or Thursday. πŸ™‚

    ENJOY! And we’re thinkin’ about you!


  2. sambycat

    omg!! thank you so much! treats! i am so excited!!! what time does your cornfest run begin? i am going to walk/wog ~ 9am my time for the 5K!

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