my adventure in the OR: a story in pictures!

i’m home!! huzzah! so happy! so happy to be in my own place with all my own stuff (and watching olympic rowing i smartly remembered to TIVO last night) and feeling much better than i expected to be!!!! so, for those of you who didn’t receive these tons of photos emailed to you every 5 seconds……

IMG00382 so perky!


sadly, i drew my own smiley face! vicky, my pre-op nurse was too busy teasing me! but she has excellent IV skillz, i must say. i did indeed have an awake intubation. i won’t go on and on about the hows, whys and wherefores of all that, but apparently, i was cooperative and didn’t embarrass myself to crazily! my anesthesia team, michelle, crna and nicole, mda – rocked and took such great care of me!! i remember nothing! and, although i really really really thought that would make a cool youtube submission, no body wanted to tape it for me. go fig….

so, after i was asleep, my surgeon (LOVE!!) did this too me:


spent less than an hour in pacu, then went to my private room.. had lots of great nurses too.






 i follow instructions! good patient!







IMG00396  what in gods name would i do without my ipod!!!!



 my dear friend donna (aka ham hock) sent me beautiful roses… didn’t sleep to well. there is pain, but it is mixed up with all this muscle stiffness and just hard to maneuver your head around.. beautiful morning sunrise followed by slightly less beautiful breakfast offering..




lunch was equally appealing…


dr. joe came in @ 3, to check me out, was very pleased! feels i am stronger already, took off the tegaderm – here is my incision!


we went over dischage instructions. main concern – NOT DOING TOO MUCH TOO SOON!!! i hear you! i was cleared to shower and sprung from the big house!!


so here is the real me you all know and love! clean hair!!! hooray!!!




  1. Yay for clean hair! I know that the only thing that makes me feel human again after being in the hospital is a shower and clean hair!!! You look SOOOO GOOD!!! I seriously can’t believe it, you are amazing. I’m thinking of you tons and sending good thoughts of healing in your direction.

  2. I’m so glad you’re resting comfortably at home! Hooray!

  3. Jeff W

    So glad that all went well for you. I’m sure home feels great.

  4. talkingtoair

    You look so cute 🙂
    Please use Bio-Oil on that scar; a friend is using it on her neck scar and it works well. I’ll send you a bottle if you can’t find it in your city; just email me and I’ll pop it in the mail 4 U. Hugs, Air.

  5. Bryan Ripper

    Hi lady!
    I’ glad to hear that you’re home. It must be torture eating all of that aweful hospital food.
    I wanted to say that I was actually thinking of you while watching the rowing on the Olympics the other day. I’m still trying to get over how technical the whole sport is. I thought you just had to row like an animal to win. Evidentally there’s a whole lot more involved.

    Anyway…get better and I’ll talk to you soon.

  6. sambycat

    great idea, air! i will look for bio oil on my next forray into the real world….

  7. sambycat

    oh, and bryan – always wonderful to hear from you! i’m gald you’ve seen some of the rowing… i feel excited when i see that the pros really talk like we talk and use the same lingo!!i am extra motivated to take up single sculls when i get back out there…


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