an embarrasment of (r)itches

ok, haha on that title, but i am a little itchy this afternoon and the desire to scratchy scratchy on my neck, under my collar is highhhhhh!!!

it is POD#4. i have been home, doing really well so far, i think! i have several areas of rest and comfort set up and i can just maneuver amongst them. i haven’t really done much since i have been home. although what one should be actually “doing” this soon out, well, i don’t know! again i feel very optimistic that i have made the right decision to go ahead with this surgery and i feel that in 6 weeks i am going to be the bionic woman! stronger! faster! woot!

mostly the discomfort/pain has more to do with movement and finding a good position in which to read or lie. obviously, your whole neck is continuous with the spine and your belly muscles. its almost like reclining is more comfortable. who knew my head was so giant and heavy! but, as you can see, i am the queen of pillows so once i get all puffed and propped up, i’m good.

o/w, i guess i just am aiming not to do too much, things as simple as holding a book or magazine actually get a bit wearisome, even though those items are not heavy. then trying to hold something so that your eyes can see clearly without bending your neck can be tricky… but it is so much better that it could be and i am grateful!!!!

also, most wonderfully and indulgently for me, i continue to recieve gifties! and beautiful flowers! it means so much. SO MUCH!!!! 



another thought – one i cannot repeat too many times – is thank you THANK YOU to all my friends out there on the interwebs who, though i have may not “known” you for years and years in the “real world”, repeatedly dazzle me with the pure fabulosity of your persons, your creativity, your thoughtfullness and generosity.  becoming more active online, through my blogs, podcasting efforts and those of my very talented friends and accquaintances, i am often actually choked up by the kindness and warmth so many cool people have shown me! i don’t know how i managed to squeak into this world exactly, but it is an extra little tingle of excitement to hear people like matt, mike, len (and the infamous dr. scopa himself gave me training advice!) give me a shout out at the end of episode #448 (and len, if i HAVE anything, left over, i will gladly share with you! in exchange for maple syrup of course!! 😉 ) so special shouts out to trace, meghan, jonathon and bryan, wayne, the other non evil twin donna, tgtby1, all the wdw today boys, kimberly – god i know i am forgetting major peeps so let me pause and just say – THANKS EVERYBODY!!!


UPDATE: um yeah. not sure exactly what kind of crack i was smoking this morning – wait yes i do, it’s called percocet – but i feel like hell! i am barfing and bleck and generally miserable and sore. oh, and whiney. and i shouldn’t probably even be typing i need to be suspended injello so that someone or something else can support the massive weight of my head, nack and arms. bleck. and that movie juno is pissing me off and my dog is yelling. and i want my mommy!!!

i feel like wretching again, so, talk at ya later…


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  1. send me your address woman.

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