if you look up pathetic in the dictionary..

you find this:

thank goodness my ability to feel sorry for myself has remained intact… AND i notice a disturbing lack of botox to the brow area….

UPDATE: ok so it is nearly tomorrow and what do you know, an omission of a certain drug has me feeling like i’m king of the world ma!!! woot! too bad its now like the middle of the night, as there are like 12,000,000 things and ideas i have and want to be following up on!! but, once again, we are back on the funky boogie train! next stop – hello, fabulous!!

πŸ™‚ so happy! have the stye eye barking dog, many excellent friends, both near and far who have touched my actual sometimes grinch-like heart and made it feel full again, a job with great benefits, a very nice roof over my head, innate style and charm, a burgeoning podcasting hobby that gives me back sooo much, and a couple of attractive prospects in the man corner. and it is still summer! and i am going on a cruise this year! and i make this neck collar thing look GOOD!

now, what was that on the drug bottle about false sense of well being??? wah wah wah!!! say g’night, peeps!! πŸ™‚



  1. Jeff W

    4 miles jog this am. Listen to the latest TDC episode. It made the dreadmill more fun. So thanks to you and your BFF Jennifer
    Cocoa the cow looks it he’s wearing a Mario cap. Very frightening.

    And Take 5 bars rock! In fact I may need to stop and pick one up on the way to work. All due to the influence of “The Mistresses of Enchantment and Chaos”

  2. sambycat

    it’s not US, jeff, it’s the milk chocolate!!!! tasty treat! it’s the milk chocolate, can’t be beat!!!

  3. Jeff W

    I caught the line “All About The Milk” in there. Now being that I have done an All About the Corn intro….perhaps I should mooooove elsewhere on the farm and do an AATMLK intro…oh the possiblities….

  4. craig w

    Just wanted to drop you a line and wish a speedy recovery. And I do think another Hershey Bar would do you good! It really is the milk chocolate.

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