have been trying to “rest” while i am resting. no barfing, a little bit of food and gingerly divided meds are going and staying down. too tired to photo and blog it, but, in addition to some great cards in the mail (yes, sandy, all the smaltos were removed successfully!), my work sent me a gian basket of junk food!!!


this will stave off the trip to coldstones as i am now going to get into the guest room bed with a dvd, my ipod, a snickers bar and a diet pepsi. oh, and drugs. poor len, there wont be any left over, i am sure!! 😉



  1. Jeff W

    Hi Lisa,

    Checking in on you from the Tundra. I am happy to read that (occasional barfing aside) you are doing pretty good, and that you are receiving lots of goodies from your pals. Always nice to be thought of.

    Check in on you again later. Need to get back to work.

  2. Lisa

    Oh pish! Don’t go back to work! I’m bored! And I have lots of pringles!!

  3. Jeff W

    At work today but skype is on if you want to chat a bit.

  4. Matt

    Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery!

    Get well soon Lisa!!!!

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