maggie’s haiku

Kernels of kibble
Carried away one by one
As if precious gold



  1. Jeff W

    Kernels? I love it! Ab-so-oot-ee love it. Oh you did not intend that corn reference? Well that’s ok. Dozed off watching Transformers. Dang I need sleep. Going to bed without a workout. Which I hate. But I need some rest. Dang schedule. Bring on that four day weekend.

    Asleep before ten

    From the couch I rise

    Off to my sleep number bed.

  2. Jeff W

    That was my first haiku. At least I think that was a haiku.
    Ahhhh I need sleep. g’night

  3. sambycat

    well done, padwan. though i myself am from the 5-7-5 school of bad haiku, i believe yours is indeed one as well! now rest! i hear you are close to completing the first “banana splits ON DEMAND” bundle for the greater plains states..

  4. Jeffs rhyme broke the rules
    yet captures the lack of sleep
    so credit still due

    Still I must wonder
    Can haiku have three stanzas?
    if not, more broke rules.

    Out of surgery,
    the cat judges which rhyme works
    wearing plastic cone

  5. sambycat

    wow. a haiku saga in 4 parts. this should be studied by all as the great work from a haiku master!!!!!

    doc, your a poet and i didn’t know it!!

  6. sambycat

    the cone parts hurts a little.. its more of a …a… turtle neck

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