who knew

  • the banana splits are on alllllll afternoon! (um the african american gentleman on danger island is HAWT!!)
  • (for andy) don’t know if there is a medical reason for this, but it seemed, when i was a nursing assistant on the ortho-neuro floor @ UCSF hospital back in the day, that teenage girls having (extensive) spinal surgery for scoliosis always would get their periods post op, no matter what their cycle. now, i have tried briefly, and just on google, to see if i could find a link between such an event and cervical surgery, but, i can say, though i am “chemically regulated” in the female hormone department – SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!
  • other than the banana splits, there is NOTHING on TV.
  • i am bored
  • i am so excited somebody has “clicked” on tiny baby sphinx! i love that poem!:)
  • here is what i have done to today:  woke up, took some meds, rested, moved to chair ate some soup for breakfast, watched some of the today show, walked maggie to the curb and back. rested. took a shower, put on real clothes and dried hair. started a load (small) of laundry, sat in chair, got help with bag of trash, walked half block with maggie, stopping to procure the frozen hot chocolate i mentioned previously, sat down with banana splits and computer. i took next 12pm dose of drugs. no i feel gross. i don’t think that was a lot to do AT ALL. no lifting, no arms above my head. i would prefer not to take another percocet (i mean, geez, save some for len, will ya!!), as i feel like i have been taking an ass load of opiates, but i am spiraling down. i think i will rest a bit, maybe if not below a 3 on pain scale by 1pm, will take another. poo!


  1. Jeff W

    OMG The Banana Splits. I remember that show!

  2. Fishy RocketBoy

    thanks for keeping me abreast of your biology! 😉

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