so, how are you REALLY?

well, truth be told, i am ok. i think i need to go make and/or dig up a picture of my awesome neck scar for comparison purposes.

i am still at home. off work. going slowly insane and overdosing on youtube, obscure music from my past (bette midler or american graffiti, anyone?) and talking to maggie (she has not answered me yet). i have trouble sleeping, my whole sleep/wake thing is upside down. takes forever to fall asleep and, although now my eyes are opening around 730, i still seem to lie there until like a quarter to 10. like a slug.

hard to imagine i would just lay there when i have such a full day of computer surfing, sun bathing, tv watching and eating ahead of me. of course, there are all these projects i had set out for myself to accomplish over these 6 weeks at home, and yeah, no such luck. YET.

i do go out of the house some – walk, i went and saw wall*e and go to the grocery, but, being on a scary fixed income whilst on disability, i am trying my best to stay away from places that are just traps for me to spend money!!!! i have been driving a little too. at least this week i have a few dates with friends that should break up the monotony…

i still don’t feel right. my pain or whatnot continues to decrease as far as the area it covers – which is great! awesome! but, given the fact that is has been bothering me for so long, again, it is just so damn annoying. just taking muscle relaxers now, and an assload of tylenol. i have no stamina. i have been back in the gym a little, but i feel so blah. i think it is mostly the inertia of being a slovenly slug that keeps me here as one. i’ve been doing the recumbent bike in the gym, just 30 min. makes me tired! but i do that 3-4 times per week and some very very light upper body work, avoiding my neck and head. i should be doing so much more.

even right now, i feel like sleeping. i had sort of a busy morning – went to starbucks, walked mags, folded 8,000,000 pieces of laundry, made the spare bedroom bed – but i have been sitting here for about an hour now and i just still feel sleepy! i think i shall put my neck brace on again and give myself till 3 to try and sleep then cross something ANYTHING off my to do list.


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