throw down with jeff w. –

ok. this club – townsend? ws the site of many early 20 debacles. all i am sayin’.

just always loved this song…

this black box song came out the summer i went to NYC with my step dad and mom… lets just say i was surprised to discover that NYC has no last call and i traded the bouncers MARS staff tshirt for some bart simpson thing i bought on the street.. the rest of this story cannot be typed.

im jingling baby! another NYC song

tupac – before he got toooo heavy (and dead. ick)

just a little bit?

de groovy? degorgeous! ok. i had a wig – yes i said wig – back in the day and went out like that! ug. i was cool. we always were on the list.

anything de la soul/jungle brothers is awesome..

my name is YO YO i’m not a ho NO

bow wow wow

brand new heavies. best. make. out. record. ever.

jungle bros…. see above

sistah monie

doowatchalike. the extended version is way better. if your toenails smell AND look like onions…

oh yo yo, you know you are just a softie girl!


  1. Jeff W

    Tasty tunes there. I can’t believe I forgot all about the Humpty Dance.

  2. sambycat

    HOW could you forget the humpty dance??!!? the humpty dance is you chance for doin’ the hump!

  3. chica

    I personally would appreciate a clip of the Brady Bunch performing as The Silver Platters! What was that song? something about sunshiney day?

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