i should be in bed

doing a brief out of town for the weekend. looking forward to good friends and good times. i am all packed, but for throwing my toiletries in the suitcase in the morning.

got my pain meds and am back to consistent muscle relaxers. its not completely removed my discomfort, but i must admit it has helped significantly. no word about when this MRI appointment is supposed to happen.

my main source of anxiety at this exact moment – i have decided not to take my lap top with me and let me tell you, forget that i can get on the net off the crackberry, i hate being without my computer!!!! i am taking a camera and recording equipment, as i plan to get a lot of podcast material documented there, and i have yet to have filled my expansion card on my camera and my digital voice recorder can hold like 40 hours of material or something. i have never filled either of these items to their full memory capacity so i should not need to be downloading stuff on the computer. and geeez, i am only going for two whole nights!

i’m getting really excited about the trip – i will be meeting up with several people (the group keeps growing!!!) i have met online and a friend or two from “the real world”. i have a lot of excitement and nervousness. i think it is going to be a lot of fun, i am dying to get out of the house and the potential for travel related discomfort post surgery seems very manageable. i am going to check my bag so i dont have to hoist it up over my head and, since i THINK i am leaving my computer behind, it ought to be manageable to travel and maintain my activity restrictions, such as they are.

on return, i will be checking in with the surgeons office to see when i can get that MRI done. and i need to speak with my surgeon personally i think and feel him out about my return to work status. i had assumed that following my next scheduled office visit on 10/1, i would be cleared for work. if he is for any reason thinking i need to be off longer, given that i am hurting still or what not, i need to get that straight so i can let work know. and find someone to buy my kidney.

see ya all real soon!! 😉


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