i think post surgical, post toonfest, post everything depression has set in.

tomorrow i go for my repeat MRI and i see my surgeon next wednesday (since restarting the soma and taking some pain meds in the evenings – every night- i actually feel ok). today i woke up at 1130. 1130 am. i have eaten some olives, a piece of cheese and a cup of peppermint ice cream. it is very yukky weather out, a nor’easter blowing in (maybe george clooney will wash up on my doorstep). i actually watched an entire maury povich to find out if scott really was the father to the three children of his cheating wife katie, who his mother refers to as “the whore-ah”. he was – just so you dont have to watch.

i think tomorrow is payday. or not payday. “time to pay the piper for my poor savings habits”-day. will have to dip into some hard to get at savings to bridge the gap to my actually working again. and get this – i live in this apartment building and the utilities here are very weird. i got a note from the management saying i was behind like $800 in utilities! um, i have paid at least $600 over the last 3 months, so that hardly seems possible. and consider that i have a small 2 bedroom apartment, and , although i love to run me some icy cold air during the summer, i didn’t have utility bills that high in my own 4 bedroom house (which i also kept nicely chilled during the summer months). the problem there is they do some kind of tricky math about dividing up the utilities for this whole building and there never seems to be a CREDIT FOR THE PREVIOUS MONTHS BILL!!! actually, i lived here for 3 months before i even got a bill, after asking about it all the time…. arg!

in short, i just have several phoine calls to make, all of which will result in some action that i know will be far less painful and involved than anything i am imagining… and yet….

i am sitting here like a lump. inertia (is that the 2nd law?) is always my biggest foe. i think i have become one with my chair and a half.

i think post surgical, post toonfest, post everything depression has set in.



  1. AndieInATL

    Awwww, I’m sorry girl. Things will look up! Promise! xoxo

  2. did you eat the olives, cheese and ice cream together?

  3. Lisa

    Would that be…..wrong?

  4. yes my friend

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