i <3 chuck!

DAMN! i love this show! from the nerd as unwitting super hero to the wildly fabulous wavy hair and gratuitous sideburns of our hero to the foxy kick ass girl agent and – coup de grace –  “my bodyguard” (excellent movie) star as the triad agent, i have been waiting for this show to come back on.

its just awesome. quirky. odd. pop culture references abound, but not in a cheesy way. it flows. and comments on the whole “big box”/”geek patrol” phenomenon culture.

seriously, you can watch back episodes online. and the season opener catches you up just fine so you can hop right on the band wagon.

tivo is your friend.

i love me a man in a skinny tie and a button up short sleeve work shirt.

oh, and its hip to be square.



  1. I feel the exact same way! It’s one of my favorite shows, high up on my DVR priority. If anyone wants to know my “type” then they need to look no further than Zachary Levi’s performance as Chuck. Goofy, sweet, kind, lanky, floppy hair begging to be touched – YES PLEASE!

  2. Geoff Carter

    “Nobody can eat ninety Twinkies in one minute!”

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