guess what i did today?

i have been remiss, dear reader, to not update after the sturm und drang of my last post… yes, i indeed went to my surgeon (i LOVE him!!!!!!) and… duh duh DUH!!!! i am cleared to return to work! yay and huzzah! my bone is fusing appropriately and my MRI was much improved. he thinks the discomfort i still have (which has been improving over the last 3 weeks) is muscle spasm related and will subside with appropriate activity increase, PT and continued use of muscle relaxers.  i am going back to work monday (YIKES!!!), but no more 16 hour shifts for me. and i am going to try to aim for certain case specialties and nurse anesthesia resident cases to minimize my lifting etc.. unfortunately, my first PT appt isn’t for another 2 weeks, but i hope i get a good therapist who can give me some real and practical strength building exercises and guidance to resume activities. i can even resume erging (thats the rowing machine) on LOW resistance for SHORT times. WOOT!

i have resumed my “running” program. theoretically, it is the physical therapist who will assess and clear me for normal activities, but i am doing the infamous walk/jog (WOG) deal, and honestly, given my time off, i ain’t running long distances, but i am committed to getting my mileage in to complete that damned 1/2 marathon i am doing in early january. so this week started off with a bang – 2 4mile “runs” and the long run supposedly 7 miles this week. today i completed my second ~3.55 mile wog at a combined pace of ~13:40. now, thats slow, but i was surprised that i even did that distance in that time given a)no real cardio since mid july and b) the first 5K i ever did, that i trained for, took me 50 minutes of honest jog time, so, though not the jock hottie i want to be, i think it is a more than respectable start. the distance is what it is due to the fact that i am back outside and trying to develop running routes i can do straight out the door. i haven’t even figured out what i am going to do saturday as the thought of just doing the current route twice makes me think i will hurl from boredom.

i feel pretty good actually, relieved. although, at the moment, i belieive i am having what is called a muscle spasm, probably from the running maybe, the fact that i didn’t, until about an hour ago, take any pain meds/muscle relaxers today and that i sat out by the pool and ended up having an hour long chat with s dude, not too much older then myself – a dentist actually – in the building who had his hip replaced. we compared recovery stories and i was twisting around to talk  quite a bit. god i am old.

i feel happy this week because i am indeed officially in crush hood (my pessimistic nature insists i follow that statement with the declaration that y’all need to prepare for more crash and burn heartbreak blogging in the near future therefore) and i am feeling happy over podcasting efforts and an upcoming disney online community event of which my podcasting power duo blog partner and i are taking part in as sponsors! i still have tons to do to get ready to go back to work, but i feel happy!!! (side note – i was indeed on the rag when i posted the last couple posts of doom – i feel the need to share that as i haven’t posted on the period periodicals lately and, with my birthday coming up quick, i realize i probably won’t have old auntie flo to kick around for much longer).

oh, and i VOTED today!!!!!!!!



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  1. Glad to hear things are looking up! Man I need to see if our early voting here has started yet!

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