it is T-13 minutes

i am supposed to be leaving the garage in 13 minutes. I have not showered, dressed, applied the face.

i woke up with my 18 alarms at 5am, but didnt get out of bed till 5:25, then walked maggie and made tea. i have eaten a banana. i will now quickly bathe and get in the car with wet hair, shifteing the brunt of the WTF did you do to yourself this morning till my off time at 5pm. apparently i will not have a student. i cannot remember any of my passwaords for the computerized access to drugs etc.. that i need for doing my job.

i need to go take the hot shower. i am upright, but completely devoid of brain power and body control. yes jennifer, i am both lurching and swaying in the accomplishment of the mornings ADLs.

wish me luck!

side note – guess what my surgery is this morning…… an ACDF, single level C5-6 (different surgeon). sound familiar???

my surgeon works today too.

i have so many things on my mind, i have no idea WTF i am doing with my life.

and my bday is wednesday. i want flowers and cupcakes delivered to me. it has happened and it could happen again. ok, falling asleep while typing.

its shower time…




 it is now 62o.


i am leaving it is 0645

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