its better to look good…

then to run fast?      

well, thats where i am at anyway. working an evening shift tonight and its time to hit the showers and get ready. did do a 3.44 mile “wog” today at the alarmingly slow average pace of 13.99 min/mile.

must keep reminding myself from whence i have come this year and i still have over 2 months to improve before the half marathon.

my goal – and this was my goal actually before i had my surgery – was to finish in under 2.5 hours (that would be an 11.45 av. pace). i also thought i could aim to wog the first 60 seconds of every mile and jog the balance of every mile. i am not sure this remains a possibility given the current state of my physical fitness, but, i am feeling weirdly optimistic that, if i really keep on top of things, i maybe could do it.

in any event, i, wanna-be-fashionista of the world, only just discovered that – SHOCKING!!!- running shorts are actually excellent to run in! number one, they have built in panty action, a pocket AND (best part) are fitted enough to not look crazy, but not so fitted that, as i lumber along, my wiggling everything is out on display! who knew??


UPDATE: WTF is a 13.99 MINUTE mile?


  1. I had posted a similar thought on my blog using practically identical photos of myself but the “World Internet Decency Police” contacted me and pleaded – for humanity’s sake that I take it down. They actually only requested I removed the photos of myself as they registered a 9.2 on the Dichter scale, but what good was the text without the pictures?

    Seriously, we’re glad to see you setting challenging goals for yourself.

  2. Your challenging goal inspires me!

  3. fernando

    Looking mahvelous dahling absolutely mahvelous

  4. Edna

    Yay! No Cape!!!

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