i believe that children are our future

actually, i just felt like saying that after my bff tagged me last week with this meme. what i REALLY believe is this:

  1. it is better to be a pessimistic optimist then an optimistic pessimist
  2. this new ipod (code name: iPodius) is going to get snapped in half within the next month

    left, "lisa marie's iPod" that threatens to make the sad iPod face once a week now. right, the oddly ominous iPodious

    left, old faithful. right, scary skinny

  3. i have the potential to be a really really good singer – even outside the shower
  4. it was cosmically fated that i be the only person with my mom when she died
  5. that souls look like raviolis with legs and faces and live in heaven, which is located in those fluffy clouds you fly through when reaching altitude on a plane.

on reading this i also believe i am apparently weirdly fixated on death. sigh.

though the blog folks on my list prolly already have seen this meme, i now tag:

and NaBloPoMo is gearing up – are you taking the challenge? also, if you have something to donate for a prize, check it out..


1 Comment

  1. I have not, actually, seen this meme before. Nor do I believe I have been to your blog before. HELLO!

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