my dog

my dog just ate a tube of cocoa butter that i was using on my scar. she smells like a chocolate bar. best i can tell, the cocoa butter is not the poisonous portion of chocolate, so i am not taking her to the vet or anything like that unless of course she became very ill. however, you’ve got to assume that a 3 inch stick of solid fat is not going to do great things to maggies digestive system.

did i mention i JUST finished steam cleaning all my carpets?



  1. Jeff W

    Maggie why would you do such a thing?

    Here’s hoping you or rather Maggie, comes through the cocoa butter experience ok. That sounds kind of like a band from the ’60s.

    Ladies and gentlemen Ed Sullivan is proud to present “The Cocoa Butter Experience.”

  2. GoofyDude

    FYI, looks like Mags is safe with the cocoa butter:

  3. sambycat

    thanks, goofy dude! i figured (after i double checked google!) the cocoa BUTTER wouldn’t hopefully kill her…. but oy! nothing heinous has occured thus far but her coat does seem a bit glossier!

    and jeff, when someone next asks me “are you experienced?”, i may have a whole ‘nother answer for them….


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