jezebel says i should calm down..


when jezebel talks, people listen –

…’s now time for the official Liberal Freak Out that it is all for naught. [Jezebel is] here to hold your collective hands and guide you through all the reasons you shouldn’t freak out at Matt Drudge’s numbers…or what anyone has to say today.

we shall see, we shall see. i think i am experiencing (on top of all my other crazy making, mind bogling thoughts lately) election anxiety. nobody i’ve voted has won a presidential election since i was an friend of bill c. and i still never got over feinsteins loss for california governor back in the day.

its not even that i LOOOVVVE obama so much (and i personally think biden is kind of a nut – but at least a nut f the democratic persuasion) (is that supposed to have a big D or a little d?), i kind of liked the idea of clinton/obama ’08…. anywho… i have a lot of friends and co-workers who would apparently rather die than vote democrat. and why their out and out fear and hatred of obama? i don’t know exactly. i think mccain had a chance and instead we got W. perhaps had he been the man previously, things might be different today, i don’t know. i just want to believe all that sappy shit that we learned in civics class back in the day.

i know you voted.



  1. traceoftraceland

    I am so the FUCK CHILLED OUT!!! I know my MAN OBAMA GOT THIS MOTHER FUCKER!!! Im happy to say that I “Barack the vote” today. Peace out!!

  2. Chica

    It isn’t that I would rather die than vote democrat. It is the candidate that scares me. Now that he is in office, I will support Obama as our leader and hope for the sake my child and for the future of our great nation that I was wrong. I have never before felt that the outcome of an election was so critical. I agree that we need change. I hope Obama is the answer and not the demise. He mustv’e heard about that go in the street and turn around three times and spit thing. Damn! Someone should have told McCain! Poo!

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