sunday morning

its 10am. it seems to be nice out – the sun was peeking thru my windows at 630 this morning. fortunately i was able to put pillows over my head and remain in bed until now. i think i shall walk to starbucks with the creature and get a delicious coffee whilst listening to podcasts. a pal has re-directed me back to smodcast – that i hadn’t listened to in a while – and the boys had me laughin’ again…

i am going to resist listing here all the things i SHOULD be doing today and instead, go out and try and DO some of them!


so i haven’t left quite yet and the boys are now discussing one of my all time favorite movies in passing (episode #67)…


i saw that the summer it came out in a movie theater in weston, mass. my favorite way to see good, scary, sreepy, thrilling kinds of movies too – by myself, afternoon showing, huge ass screen, few people in the audience, raging summer thunderstorm outside! i need to get that on dvd.


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  1. Fishy RocketBoy

    Hi Pal! 😉

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