thus far

i am at home, puttering. folding some laundry, making noises about changing the closets over from summer to winter and making piles of stuff to pack for my upcoming cruise. of course, things are about to get BUSY – and not just because of the time of year. holidays are always a rush – doesn’t it seem like it would be great if spring started up about, oh, mid january? i mean, there’s like NOTHING going on after the holidays and its just cold and draggy – and i have a trip to the homeland next weekend, work of course, podcast prep and plans for a big trip intermingled with all the holiday stuff.

but i am so looking forward to visiting the grands! i haven’t seen them in a while. we shall do thanksgiving that weekend too, so i need to get on a grocery list for a menu. between you and me, my mamie – a great cook – well, lets just say that i think it is a universal fact that, at a certain age, one starts buying meats and canned items based on the sales at krogers and god only knows how old certain ingredients might be as well as the fact that they have like 82 cats living there. 82 cats that they seem to be under some spell in thinking the cats are NEVER on the counters or, i don’t know, licking the butter on the butter dish left uncovered on the table all the time. the cats i mean, not my grandparents.

’nuff said.

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