i know funny people

ok… this email came yesterday from a friend of my moms… i will not reveal their identity to protect… well, protect the lizards? i don’t know…


We glued this metal sculpture of a lizard to a wall in our backyard.  Soon, it began to be visited by actual lizards.  We’re thinking of starting a new religion.  We’ll call it “Lizotholism” and our flock shall be the lowly lizards of the world.  We shall preach the gospel of Reptilia and convince our flock that salvation shall be gained only by eating all manner of insects, mosquitos and the like from our yard. Any lizard caught eating from another yard shall be eternally damned to the netherworld (called Amphiboland) – a region where they may never know their true selves.  We have already baptized the little guy in this picture as “Jesulizard”.  Through him we will communicate with our minions and scare the living hell out of them to keep them in line.  Plus, Jesu (as we call him) will convince his bretheren that, if they are good lizards and worship properly, they make get to hump the metal god as he did.


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