i’m completely wiped!


but i had a great vacation. i posted all i am gonna on that flickr link if you wanna see it…. but here are (very) few faves…






2008_120900531      2008_12090008





yeah, thats a real picture not a painting.....









  1. Welcome back hun! Hope you had a GREAT time! Check out this weeks show for a little Lisa tidbit. LOL

    Also – we’re 20 days away from arriving at WDW. I cannot wait for this – and I wanted to thank you for your constant happy energy and support. You have been a wonderful team member, and I can’t wait to show off our medals to each other!!!


  2. Hey, who’s the cute guy in the ears!?

  3. sambycat

    isn’t he cute! 😉 he’s a friend who has bumped up to ear matching status! not that i am not cursing the whole darn thing by even acknowledging it on the internet, but what the hay! his name is trace! but he lives in texas! 😦

  4. Edna M.

    Dahling once again you’ve have pulled it off. Fashionable, photogenic and not a cape in site. The leg stockings are fabulous. Can’t wait to see all the new bling. See you soon.

  5. Trace

    i had such a great trip!! let’s do it again, lets say in 3 weeks!

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