more minor irritations

i went to a church service mid thanksgiving with some family members in my grandma’s home town. in the church, various members came up after the service, scoping out the unfamiliar faces and being very welcoming. as we parted, i was shaking hands with one older lady and wished her happy holidays! she held my hand tighter and responded “oh honey, in HERE we can say “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!” sort of with a nod and a wink, as if “happy holidays” is like saying “let’s go sacrifice a goat before dinner!” IT WASN’T EVEN THANKSGIVING YET. I DON’T THINK YOU SHOULD TAKE A WISH FOR HAPPY HOLIDAYS AS A SLIGHT TO YOUR CHRISTIAN WAYS.

additionally, i am reminded from time to time, that this dude i once knew, who, after nearly ruining his marriage and family relations apparently for no reason, hasfound jesus – i am sure to the relief of his jesus loving family whom he had nothing but legitimate sounding complaints about way back in the day. well, bully for you i say. but isn’t it weird when you hear people you thought you knew sort of well, who seemed to share views similar to your own, suddenly become bible thumpers, telling people that the bible is their favorite book and reminding all of “the reason for the season”? i guess i do question the “sudden conversions” of folks i’ve known, but then, that’s really none of my beeswax. AND THANK GOD FOR THAT!!!  that’s all i’m sayin’.:)

well, i don’t begrudge anyone their beliefs and if people find salvation in god or religion or whatever, good for them! just remember that folks around you, in church next to you even, may believe the same as you, but may have respect or concern for others around them in not shouting merry christmas constantly to everyone. christians aren’t the only ones with holidays this time of the year and, i am guessing that reasons for celebration might not all include the birth of baby jesus.

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