Let’s see….

shall i blame work? the weather? twitter, even, for my long spells between posts lately? i don’t know – how ’bout all of the above? i’ve got a million and one things i want to be writing about – the current trials and tribulations of my stinky dog, work, hip hop abs (just tilt, tuck, tighten and breathe!), being in LOVE (eek), family, trips, stress, money and my recent depressing visit with my financial adviser, the economy, world peace… oh and the fact that i don’t give a whit about the superbowl, which hurts me a little inside as 10 years ago i prided myself on being a girl who was into football. oh and the fact that there is precious little but my typing fingers keeping me from heaving myself into the hallway, across the street, and into coldstone creamery for a giant container of ice cream with a few extra side calories twirled in to eat all by myself…. mmmmmmm, ice cream……

but i shouldn’t do that, right???? oy. the guy is coming out here in less than 3 weeks now – theres a laundry list of house cleaning that i need to do… oh, and i mentioned my dog is a smelly tangle of hair, right? ok…. well, heres to more free time! i think i will pour myself a glass of wine and try to whiteknuckle through the damned frozen butterfat cravings…..



  1. Trace

    18 DAYS!

  2. Andie the Girl

    In less than 3 weeks, NON of this will matter. 😉

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