so, yes, i am still here, and actually cursing every freakin’ day when i MEAN to blog and don’t get around to it, and alllll the many other things i am not getting done everyday.

i’m working mostly 12 hour shifts now. and then a lousy 8 every other week – piece of cake, right? back to full time – thats good right? omg, i’m tired. i’m tired and still having some pain – well, i hate to use the P word because its discomfort, not pain per se – and i know there are many many many others who have REAL pain issues every day, hell, every hour or minute even! but i am digressing…

work is long, though the time has just finally sprung forward, its so damn dark in the morning and at night i haven’t (still) gotten back to my “regular” exercise routine. so side note, still feelin’ fat. but i am running again and doing (donna’s fave) hip hop abs (yeahhhhhhh boooyyyyyyyy).

i come home, i’m tired, and my freakin’ neck/shoulder/arm are just annoyingly uncomfortable that sitting in front of the computer any more makes me cringe.  again, digressing….

ok, actually MOST things are good. like great good! really really good! i’ve got a few irons in the fire i am not ready to reveal publicly, though i would love to be blogging about them (note to self: don’t name your blog after yourself), theres alot going on for me online outside this blog, with podcasting and all that that is FANTASTIC!!!! its like there is this family of real life people, a circle of friends, that we talk, get together, its wonderful – you know who you are! 😉

maggie is doing better. still on the doggie prozac. its helping. shes still being a cuddle bug. a cuddle bug with little pointy teeth, but she is a cuddle bug.

i want to try to jot something down just about every day, long or short, and not focus on the extensive linking activity the all those fancy bloggers do all the time….

ok. must go watch jon & kate plus 8. i am weirdly obsessed.



  1. Bob


    Its so cool to see you had such a great weekend! Hopefully there will be many more to follow. Oh, and “The Boot” is called that because its an Italian restaurant, and Italy is shaped like a boot (and often called that), hence the name “The Boot”. Hope your pain gets a little less each day until it just a memory by the summer time. Love to hear your podcasts, so let me know how I can do that.

    Talk soon,

  2. Trace

    irons in the fire? keep the fire hot!!!

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