what i did yesterday

me and tom k

i think ya figured out i got a haircut. actually, i will cut to the chase now and say my clipper didn’t shave me bald. she would have, i saw a few women getting the total baldie thing goin’ on, but a pal also got a rockin’ mohawk – and then she asked me “how short do you want to go?”

well….. i have had really short hair before (this is shorter than i have ever had, nor have i ever had a haircut involving shears).  i said if i could have a little hair, that would be cool, like maybe a months worth? she got all excited and went to town with scissors and whatnot.. but i digress. what WAS i doing yesterday anyway?

well! it all started when i started my present job in norfolk, va. sadly, i heard several colleagues talking about one of the surgical assistant’s daughters and the tragedy that had befallen his family. i had never even met tom yet – and it would be a while before i did – but here’s the back story in brief:

At the young age of only five years, Kristina was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer that was already in an advanced stage. Throughout her numerous trips to hospitals in and out of the state over the following 22 months, she lived her life in a way that left all who had the opportunity to know her breathless. She woke every day and asked the question, “What are we going to do for fun today?”-not worried about things to come; only concerned with the here and now. She taught all who knew her how to smile more, about the joy and celebration that life should and can be, and that beauty is not determined by an illness. She always seemed to have an unending supply of strength and never a trace of self remorse. Kristina’s smile was as bright as her pink hat, and her laughter was like music that is often heard, but never tiresome. Kristina is now free from the illness that took her from us, and it is certain that she is laughing just as carefree as when she spent her days with us. It is that spirit, strength, courage, and grace that we are reminded of when we think of the beautiful girl in the pink hat.

I don’t know tom well, but he is an excellent practitioner and co-worker. when i heard him discussing a st. baldrick’s event for saturday on friday afternoon, i wanted to know a little more. and i felt like i wanted to join in in helping. see, i also knew that tom has a foundation in kristina’s name: and i had seen these fliers around work, and didn’t really know is this particular effort – lobbying for a virginia license plate design that would benefit kids with cancer – was still an active cause.

 ok, so back to me. so here was me saturday morning….


  if so moved, you can make a donation here to st. baldricks (an extremely worthy cause – and i am working on getting my “page” to come up with before and afters!) or, and perhaps my personal leaning is to go directly to tom’s families foundation here. and if you live in virginia – what about pre-ordering one of these license plates!

i got there early and took a bunch of pics… 2009_03140007














 the shaving worked up to a fever pitch and then team red iron octopus crusade was there in full effect!    2009_03140045

 there are their cool shirts in the before! and here is their after!


 ok, so heres me….


 2009_03140117    so i ended up like this – and discovered i do have some grays coming in behind my ears. fabulous!   after                 


 this is after i did a little color action and snipped off my little fringeys in the back

so heres me this morning after a little…..color correction!

but here are a few final pics of some of my OR pals…..












2009_03140171so… friends, please consider making a donation to either of these most worthy causes. i know i didn’t go totally bald… BUT what a moving day. not just in the name of kristina and all the kids out there, but also people  i know – katie, anne, derek, friends of family, coworkers, jim, my mom….

my cousin katie is recovering from a double mastectomy – she’s younger than i – and talking with her briefly brought tears to my eyes yesterday. we all have been touched by cancer. i had wanted to shave my head when my mom started chemo – she wasn’t too hip to that at the time. but my heart was full yesterday with thoughts of many loved ones and my little feeble attempt at helping…. consider donating? even a buck is something! THANK YOU!


  1. Trace

    I made a donation to the Childhood Cancer Awareness Foundation via your link.

  2. Andie The Girl

    What a great story! Very moving. You are rockin that haircut!!!!! xoxo

  3. What a fabulous thing to do! And you look great with the short hair, sweetie!

  4. talkingtoair

    your short hair is beautiful. i may go short this summer….

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