6 words

i have posted once before about interesting things in my building’s garage. now i give you:



isn’t that disgusting? it’s been there forever. and, after the initial brownage, it has not further decomposed or changed. miracle? perhaps, rabbit, perhaps…..


  1. Trace

    I have looked into the eye of that mummified banana

  2. Chica

    I think you should do a good deed and pick up the damn banana! Pay it forward girlie!!

  3. Chica

    What if the homeless man had nothing but the banana to eat and he took it?? It had probably liquified into pure sugar and it was kinda like a banana red bull!! Who took the banana?? you should have cryopreserved it with Walt’s head! Now you waited and lost the chance. I told you to pick it up. Opportunities like this don’t come knocking very often. And you blew it. tsk. tsk.


  1. the bunny project «

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