the bunny project

you know from my interest in bananas and baja bugs. well, the banana was removed sometime night before last. why now? i mean after several months of moldering, what suddenly inspired someone to pick it up.

i am inspired myself to begin a piece of performance and location art. i will not be daunted by those who try and clean or eliminate this personal statement about man’s inhumanity to man. it started yesterday:


here is a close up:


as you can see, this will be a work in progress. at the rate the sanitation department works in my garage, i feel that this timely and important work will grow and develop for monthsa to come.



  1. Trace

    i want to participate! i will mail something random to you

  2. Andie The Girl

    I love the pink peep!!!! haha

  3. Chica

    I am coming to steal the peep! Whatever happened to the dead ginormous bird on the deck? Put the dead bird next to the peep and people will freak! see how this can only spiral in one direction…. and that would be down…….


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