running errands today and accomplishing quite a bit. quite a bit EXCEPT of course getting on the treadmill or going outside for the only type of exertion that is going to shake the 20 pounds driving me up the wall and down again off my fat ass. and now i’ve got a head ache, my neck/shoulder/arm thingy is hurting (i will update sometime soon as to whats up with that situation), and i am just cranky cranky.

but there have been bright sides to the day!

  • took the computer in to the geek squad for some questions and 3.5 hours and $120 later, got triple the RAM and a bit o’ disc clean up leaving with a brand new bouncing baby computer! that loads up in like one minute! instead of (literally) 10! praise jesus and whomever else! woot!
  • even though i haven’t exercised – other than my PT (which i am now doing for possible rotator cuff v. residual disc issues [intrigued???]), my diet today -except for waiting too long to have my first meal – has been refreshingly balanced and sane. and satisfying. it’s always about diet for me.
  • the bunny project continues to make me smile, as somebody (i notice that i think of it as one person, not many) is playing along. witness the configuration this am:       peepa

             and side note- peeps remain amazingly supple, though filth covered,              when kept uncovered in a damp, cool environment.



  1. I am LOVING the bunny project!

  2. Trace

    i’m curious to know when building maintenance/security will be put on “peep patrol”. if/when building maintenance/security is put on peep patrol alert what color threat level will your building be placed under?

    will building maintenance/security follow the homeland security advisory system? like maybe yellow? how about a nice regency blue? or a cherries jubilee?

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