podcasts and more podcasts

so on the latest lipgloss and laptops , miss airdrie mentions her upcoming trip to virginia (shameless self promotion of upcoming visit from pal from across this great continent) . she and her cohost, kerry anne, also read out some listener mail, and a question from someone asking for podcast recommendations has spurred me to finally start up on a series of blogposts i’ve been meaning to do for quite a while. and i think if i attack it a s a series, i can do a better job than trying to make some exhaustive list, at the end of which i will lose steam and stop linking and all that and what a mess it would be…. sigh…


soooo… fave #1 must go to….. the aforementioned L&L!

started in 2006, L&L is all the way up to episode #132. currently, the ladies are putting out a show every other week, earlier shows were on a weekly basis (hey, ife happens, people). truth be told, i was a bit worried when my favorite gals went to the bi-weekly (or is it bi-monthly? i never understand how that phrase is supposed to work) format – i was worried that it would be the beggining of the slow fade to black (or sometimes immediate fade to black) that podcasts can be known for – but no! and huzzah for that!

so, the show centers around beauty products and reviews from KA and air, usually some kind of “reality check” topic about beauty or the beauty industry, occasional interviews or guests and some podsafe music to round out the show. Intertwined with all that is the “laptops” portion of the show, that is, the influence technology and science have in their lives is obviously going to permeate the show, making it much more fun, modern, tech savvy and with a POV that is similar to my own.

i must say that i look forward to every episode of L&L – i’ve been listening since its inception (it is the only podcast i still listen to that i started following along with my first iPod!). and thats not only because i had a major heart attack the first time i heard a letter i wrote read out on the air! their canadian roots sometimes give the show an interesting twist, and the general “girl talk” format has provided many a LOL moment…. sometimes in embarrassingly public places….

ultimately though, its the “friendships” if you will, developed over time, with both gals, and listening to the trials and tribulations of theirs lives, how they parallel or completely differ from my own, and the honesty and humour they both bring that makes lipgloss and laptops my “must listen” of this week.


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