odds and ends

  • just got back from a kickin’ vacation
  • now it’s time to prepare for a friends visit! i can’t wait – just over a week to shower, shampoo and shine this place up! woot!
  • the bunny project? all the peeps wuz gone this morning…. sigh
  • maggie went to the doctor this morning for her annual physical and immunizations…. clean bill of health, more clomicalm and a bill more than me and the guy spent at a fancy dinner the other night. with me drinking wine!!!
  • back on weight watchers as of yesterday. i felt like a huge, funky cow all during my trip… sigh. though that is kind of an insult to cows! haha! seriously, i was uncomfortable and all my summer clothes were tight. arg! so here’s to making changes and gettin’ back to my fightin’ weight!


  1. sparklingamber

    I’m getting so excited! Let’s plan some healthy meals and walks for when I’m visiting.

  2. Edna M.

    Welcome back Dah-ling

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