dear pen pal*

dear pal,

i CANNOT wait for your arrival! we are going to totally have the best time! and i promise to NOT say “totally” the entire time you are here!

when you arrive on friday, i will be there to pick you up. you are going to stay in my room, whilst mags and i slumber in the guest suite (aka maggie’ room). that way you can have the whole bath to yourself and privacy as well. now, i did move any kind of TV out of the master in an effort to aid my sleeping abilities. however, worst case scenario, i do have my little 13″ and a cable jack in the room… also, i’ve got product (shampoo/conditioner, lotion, hair gunk – even a potential product trial for L&Lย wating for you in the halls). pack a toothbrush and some mascara…

saturday, not sure how early you will or will want to wake up! this can be our mellow day, just hang out, want to show you around were i live, take you out to the beach! i think you might enjoy sharing the seafood appetizer from catch 31ย (aka “the tower of terror”) that i like to take my favorite peeps to enjoy when they visit!

eli says "two big claws up!"

eli says "two big claws up!"

trace's visit

trace's visit

included on saturday will be, hopefully, nice weather (nights not below 50 and days in the 70’s-80’s?) and a couple of nice walks with the magpie and a trip or two for coffee! let’s play it by ear, i know the time change is a bi-otch..

sunday is the go for broke day! i think i misspoke a bit when i said it was 2 hours to DC. i google mapped it today at work, and that says 3 ish hours. but i know we can make under 3 with timing. it would be best to leave as early as you can stand to (you can snooze in the car!). not sure yet exactly where will be the best place to park, but once in the city, we can walk and/or ride the metro to grab a quick, yummy and healthy lunch at one of the 8, 000,000 cosi’s around the city! the washington mall is cool – all the memorials and museums (we can see julia child’s kitchen!!) and a walk to the white house (maggie wants a picture of bo). still not sure where to find the bobble heads…. bobble


i”ll be driving back home (i actually registered the thought “i wonder what side of the road they drive on in canada?” running thru my brain – don’t be afraid!). we shall sleep.

monday we will attend the super neato lecture for which you are flying cross country. in my mind, i will ask the speaker’s “people” for a brief interview – i know my podcast listeners would totally dig it – but that scares the SHIT out of me! instead, i look forward to a great afternoon, hopefully some great weather and time spen with a new/old friend.

tuesday i will take you to the airport, sending you on your safe journey back home… oh, and don’t think you are getting off without an interview for MY podcast, a plea for advice on recording equipment and, by the way, i need to know what size T shirts the whole fam wears… and KA too. oh, and i have wireless but i know realize i don’t know the “password” to my signal that i had the nerd herd set up for me. so just use mine? its not a mac. sorry ๐Ÿ™‚


your pal from the interwebz

*in the millennium, pen pal = internetz



  1. Trace The Disney Dude

    I’m so excited and happy for you both!!!
    Next time I get the DC trip!!!

  2. sambycat

    absolutely! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Fishy RocketBoy

    You won’t come to DC when I’m in Manassas??? I’m so hurt! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. sparklingamber

    i’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control, and I think I like it…

    No wifi? I’m sure I can find a signal near you. I’m bringing my laptop fo schizzle…

    Been reading about Virginia from some library travel books.



  1. Sparkling Amber

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