dirty bow wow

maggie and the thing

maggie and the thing

 I recall hearing this interview on NPR a couple years ago and being charmed by the concept. What started off as a book about people and their treasured but threadbare “dirty wow wow(s)”, has morphed into a newer book about our four legged friends and their beloved pals.

bwow_med1The creators of the popular book DIRTY WOW WOW present this brand new album, featuring beloved family pets and the raggedy objects of their affection. Big dogs, small dogs, mixed breeds, purebreds, puppies, and seniors tug, chase, chew, guard, nuzzle, sleep on, and play with their shredded teddies, blankies, and chewies. Each dog portrayed has formed a bond with a self-selected favorite, and many of them remain loyal to just one toy. Among the toys that have survived the perils of puppyhood, many continue to give comfort and joy to their aging pooches. Every lovingly photographed image of our best friends with their best friends will resonate with dog lovers and the readers who love them.

The pictures and stories are charming. I think I need this book.

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  1. Fishy RocketBoy

    Glad the top of my head isn’t in that book…

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