things i learned this weekend

  • there is no parking lot under the national mall
  • maggie likes to eat moisturizers of all time
  • none of my clothes fit
  • king neptune has killer abs and doesn’t wear underwear
  • arlington cemetery is eerie and beautiful. and the staff helpful, though they don’t know where the nearest cupcake store is (god forbid).graves1
  • though not a professional speaker, jai pausch definitely shares a flair for public speaking with her late husband 

    photo courtesy of "talking to air"

    photo courtesy of "talking to air"

  • i should have done all my mother’s day ordering LAST week
  • beauty podcaster = fabulous thank you gifts!
  • i talk way too much about nothing when i am nervous. or there is silence. and then i just get nervous and talk more.
  • it was really nice to spend a weekend with a girl! doing girly stuff! and not having to get up really super early…
  • i eat waaaayyyyyyy more ice cream than airdrie
  • that bathroom at catch 31 IS really dark
  • snow crab = yummy
  • making new friends is really really fun!

1 Comment

  1. The new “god forbid” (with hand to mouth) catchphrase has made its way cross-continent to our house now. Thanks for taking good care of Air while she was there.

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