i’m so excited!

i may be a blogger and a podcaster now (with tens and tens of fans!!! you know who you are! 😉 ), but i STILL get really excited to see or hear a contribution mentioned on another site or podcast – especially those with actual big time readerships (you know who you are)!!! so imagine my excitement today when i saw a pic i submitted @ cakewreck a week or so ago –  got posted!!


been reading cakewrecks for several months now (does for cakes what i has a hot dog does for goggies) thanks to meghan. i was shocked when i spotted a couple of real wrecks at the local supermarket bakery – one got posted on the site, the other is here:

this is supposed to be a purse

this is supposed to be a purse

what was really funny to me was that when i spotted the cakes, i immediately thought of submitting a pic to the site. so i was loitering about the cake counter with my cell, trying to snap a picture without anyone noticing me do so, as i was SURE i would be offending the decorators who would immediately know that i was dissing their cake. i had to leave the grocery immediately after! i wasn’t able to get a very good pic of the one above (not meaning the grainy quality of my crappy cell phone camera, i mean that i kept taking pics that cut off the top of the cake itself).

sadly, and yet not unsuprisingly, i was at the grocery 2 days ago…. both cakes are still on display. yummy!



  1. OMG, had not viewed Cake Wrecks before….subscribing now.

  2. i love that site, been reading it for awhile now too. some of those cakes are downright disastrous.

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