to blog or not to blog

that is always the question.

for me, and i assume the masses of folks out there blogging for fun, it has always been about creating a kind of multi-media journal for my own enjoyment. i have no delusions of having some kind of “readership” or of having some kind of “opinion” that means anything or should mean anything to anyone other than myself.

of course, i had to go out and name my blog after myself, so that kind of diminishes the whole “cut loose and express yourself” deal. i am very aware that i am a professional and that my name is linked very easily to what i write and do here, as well as to my other online projects.

it’s just that recently i notice other folks, people who had an influence over my own blogging desires, have changes their online presences (is that a word?) to provide them with a bit more…. anonymity.

and this i think about alot lately.

i think about it when i want to express a scathing opinion about some of my online involvements and interests.

i think of it when i want to express irritation about job situations and circumstances.

it’s hard to know what to do sometimes, because i know that – at least at my current level of online expertise – it is damn near impossible to truly blog anonymously.

maybe i just need another blog.

heh. yeah, right…. some of the things i think about writing do have to do with darker, more cynical or angry thoughts and feelings, but alot of it is just whiny stuff about how i am feeling and the fact that i have put on what feels like a massive 25# since i had surgery last august.

and talking about a lot of those things feel soooo self-indulgent (MORE self indulgent than just blogging in general???) (oh, i should say here that i don’t think ALL blogs are self indulgent, just probably ones like this where i am just typing my own little words out into the internetz) but i also know that when i have struggled in the past with feelings, frustration, anger and, yes, weight issues, knowing that other people were having the same day to day issues as i was… well, that was helpful.

there is a lot i am wanting to write, but i don’t particularly wan’t all those things to google up the next time i want to change jobs or something, capice?


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  1. Lisa (aka LouDisney

    I enjoy reading your blogs a lot. I totally understand where you are coming from though. I had a livejournal account, and it seems like everyone I know, read it, or had a LJ. I really didn’t mind, but there were times, I wanted to say certain things, or whatever, and I just didn’t want EVERYONE to read it. I could make a private entry, but I don’t know. I just was so over it. I still have it, but I got a fresh start over at Blogspot.

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