what we saw yesterday

trace and i made a quick trip to DC for the day to check out the sites. we were fortunate enough to be in front of the ellipse (when did they start letting people walk around the ellipse again?) when this happened:






coolest though (and this tops the sharp shooter visible on top of the white house), is the picture trace snapped of the hulking dude who literally appeared out of the trees as the police were trying to clear the street in front of the white house. this morning, we zoomed in – there are TWO dudes there –

lower right corner, left of the big tree trunk

look lower right corner, left of the tree trunk


  1. Andie The Girl

    Ok that is so very cool. Talk about being at the right place at the right time!!!

  2. Fishy RocketBoy

    Gee… you’ll go there with your boyfriend, but you won’t come down to Manassas to see me when I’m there! I’m SO hurt!

  3. Amber

    That’s Hot! Come to mama!

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