it’s embarrassing

but i started tivo-ing jon & kate plus 8 about 3 months ago, and was interested in seeing what was going to happen next after watching their bizarrely awkward finale of their last “season” (when they still actually spoke to each other face to face), but, for the record, i loved and still like watching the kids run around and say funny kid things to each other and the camera people. 

okay, he may be an underachieving, non-assertive tool (i know of an “unhappily” married person or two whom i would describe the same way?? absolutely), but honestly, i am watching this “big announcement” show and it only confirms what a self-centered, ego driven, obnoxious martyr that biotch is!!!!!! OMG!!!!

i had hoped NEVER to tweet and/or blog about the waste of airspace that their 15 minutes of fame is, but she is soooooooo RIDICULOUS on this “very special episode”. i mean, forget anything anyone else ever has ever done for the good of humankind anywhere EVER, because, by gum, that kate gosselin!! boy! how does she go on!!!!

she is obnoxious to every one else in the show in lieu of or in referring to the husband she is not speaking to and vice versa, and clearly she is the ONLY person ever to merely think of her children’s safety (on camera), she’s the only person who she says in regards to her impending divorce that she let herself have half a day to cry and sob and hyperventilate (wow. 10 years and your first love, she wants to SAY out loud that a half day and she must move on for the happiness of her family and PS she will struggle to go on and be there for her family no matter how she has to!!! ie on TV), i mean HOW DOES SHE LIVE????? probably the new playhouses, one for each kid, with stenciled on the front of each, with appropriate camera time might explain some of that. and kate saying80 million times how these product placement items are making memories her kids will recall sooooo many years from now (hey aiden? remember when we got those crooked playhouses the day our folks told the world they were getting divorce? yah! those were good times!)… oh, and their could probably be more “peace for the kids” although, yes, not as much money, had you perhaps even ended this debacle when hubby sat beside you on camera and and essentially said he didn’t want to do the show anymore. STOP TALKING OBNOXIOUS CONTROL FREAK LADY!!!!! andour new cleavage looks fabulous, btw. i do wonder why she didn’t televise that, or wasn’t that gratis? 

again, nobody knows what all happened there, maybe jon is a freaky wife beater and unrepentant compulsive gambler… and she seems truly obnoxious in about every way, but jesus, probably you could have actually stopped this trainwreck and/or  spoken the fuck up before now,  but man, this dude should just lie back and let her continue to display her inappropriate self centered-ness to the world. oh, and start the kids in therapy now. i mean they are paying for it, right? literally and figuratively… anyway, he seems at list in touch with his issues unlike the hopefully-for-him-soon-to-be-ex-missus.

but seriously dude, diamond earrings? seriously? next he will be getting highlights….

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  1. Kate

    I am the center of my own universe dah-ling. Didn’t you know the planets revolve around me?

  2. Edna M.

    You know dah-ling, and I hate to admit this…
    But watching this train wreck develop over the past two seasons has been one of my guilty pleasures. Jon did get one thing right last night. He admitted that for years he has been a wimp and not stood up to his wife. The mental abuse this man has taken OMG. Still he’s no Mr. Incredible himself is he???
    Let’s dish over Skype sometime.


    PS. She should not let those kids wear capes. Concerned about safety? hmm we’ll see…

  3. Amber

    She is “tanorexic” and is way too hung-up on herself. He is a wimp. They make me sick. The kids, however, are beautiful and I wish them all the best. I hope that they find a good role model IRL to help them mature into adults.

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