A trip to the movies

I rarely go to the movies, though I feel like I see a fair share of movies. I just never see things right away, and then, whoops!, seems like it’s out of the theater and then I’ve missed it. Part of my problem, really, is that I listen to several movie review podcasts, love gossip and Hollywood news, so, though I miss things in the theater, I often feel that I know allllll about them, as good as seeing them, really (and quite easier on the pocketbook, right?).

However, a mere two days after it has opened in wide release, I hauled it out to see this:

You must know by now that I love all things Julia. I knew about the Julie/Julia project blog/book when the book first came out and started reading that and Julia Child’s autobiography. I always visit her kitchen at the Smithsonian when in DC. I won’t go into the whole mother/daughter/family thing now.

So. What did I think? I for one really reallly loved it! Meryl Streep is surprisingly wonderful – not surprisingly as a reflection on her actor cred obviously, it’s just that Julia IS such a character on her own – it would be so very easy to become some kind of epic, drag queen like spoof (yes, the Dan Akroyd “Save the Liver” SNL sketch does make an appearance). And yet, it is so lovely – her life, her love, Paul, the bits of her story leave you wanting more….

Julie Powell, on the other hand, well, I suppose I agree with critics that this is a less successful part of the movie, but I still really liked it. First off, Amy Adams – love. I realized about 2/3 of the way through that she is doing a spot on “Meg Ryan circa the Nora Ephron years” (aka Sleepless in Seattle(meh), You’ve got mail (ick) ), but she’s so damn good. And pleasant and perky probably the bane of an actor’s characters but still, for this, it works. And she has the prettiest, whitest, tiny little perfect white teeth.  Anyway, having read the book/blog, I liked that part of it as well. Alot.

I am left wanting to see more more MORE Julia – though her life story deserves to be its own movie (can’t wait for the extended director’s cut which I pray is forthcoming), I am not entirely sure an entire bio-pic of Julia’s life with big screen production values would a) ever get made and b) ever be seen by more than a handful of us. I left the movie with a tear or two drying on my cheek and wanting more. Like a wonderful meal. Except the tear part. Unless it was after seeing the bill at Masa’s or Victoria and Albert’s. Or the French Laundry.


A while ago, realizing I hadn’t eaten much yet and planning a trial run of the South Beach diet ala Sizzle’s recommendation, and after spying a recommended spinach and poached egg recipe in a South Beach diet book I recently purchased and having just seen the aforementioned cooking movie in which the first blog/Julia recipe attempted was the self same poached ouef, I decided to poach a couple up myself. Mind you, I have seen every Julia show there is. I have been to an extended cooking class and know, nay, aver, that cooking eggs is THE pinnacle of chefdom judgement. Hell, I have seen and read damned Martha write about poaching eggs (I know she swears by a combination of swirling water with a splash of vinegar). Let us say that, though I indeed consumed the poached yolks with a wisp of egg white still adherent to them and they tasted fine and didn’t actually look heinously different than any poached eggs if I had added a cup of hollandaise over the top, well, it resembled Julie’s first attempt as well. Egg white spewage throughout the pot. Perhaps I have a blog project or two in my future as well.


Bon Appetit!


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