its so quiet here right now…

730am In connersville, indiana. Everyone Is still asleep. Its so quiet, and,since I went ahead and turned the actual heat on, its not half bad up here In the guestroom.

I am visiting Mamie, first time since Poppa died a little more than a month ago… My brother has been out here from san Diego for a mnth. Somehow, he’s been able to change around some of his work obligations, and he’s been here accomplishing a tremendous amount. He’s done yard work, cut up what appears to be more than a cord of wood, done repairs and probably most importantly, he has cleaned this house so that you can breathe! The kitchen doesn’t make me run screaming! Its unbelievable! I am very proud of all he has done and accomplished. I haven’t spent face time with my bro since at least last thanksgiving so this Is nice for Is too. Although my bro picked up this weird affectation of calling everyone hon OR honey – well all females I mean – of any age OR relation to him which drives me batty. But I digress…. Sadly we are both going home monday. Pete needs the break. Mamie Is doing ok, but she and Poppa both were already past the point of living safely and cleanly totally on their own, so though she wants to be out here, I suspect its going to be fraught with emotional outbursts and guilt trips from Mamie towards everyone about why any particular person isn’t out staying with her at any given moment to keep her company….

Side note: what happened yesterday was thus – In my state of perpetual disorganization and lack of sleep, coupled with my current state of straddling 2 diametrically opposed computer operating systems, the number of made/cancelled and re-jiggered plane reservations since September, I managed to take an Eticket reservation print out to the USair counter and look up the flight was on LAST YEAR. Yes indeed, I had printed something up, and there was an old emai stored somehwere In my hotmail folder from 2008 for the same weekend AND the print out was floating around In a pile on my desktop that I was reorganizing.

It was the perfect storm of disorganization.

It was only when the flight record locator couldn’t find me and was staring at the printour thinking ‘gee, if today (friday) is the 21st, I wrote the wrong date on EVERYTHING at work yesterday,,,,’ then my eyes focused on the year 2008. Egad! For a moment I wasn’t even sure I had made a reservation for this trip! Turns out my original flight had been at nearly 6, obviouslyi missed it, but there was actually another flight at 930 that was available and being that I was within a 2 hour window of missing the original flight, NO CHARGE.

May I just state here: #GODFORBID


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