near and far

someone from wasila, AK checked out the blog day before yesterday. how funny. usually i get my friends, whom i mostly can identify, an odd number of people from poland, to which i ascribe their visitations to this post, the occaisional interloper from ohio and people searching out eight bells.

in any event, i am off today, work tomorrow and then off for the holiday and the week end. i’ve got to wrap presents, make a corn timbale, find my fake white and pink christmas tree, clean, exercise, podcast, not eat everything not nailed down, play with the magpie, mail the 10 christmas cards i actually wrote that are sitting on the table next to my giant chair, and otherwise navel gaze vis a vis my wedding.

moments ago i saw my friends’ sparkly fingernails and know that i must have them for my nuptuals. bridezilla, party of one??

but i digress.

it’s cold out, but my sweetie is coming and i get to spend a christmas with my beloved. yay me! yay us! i am cooking my families traditional christmas eve dinner on christmas day:

  • prime rib
  • yorkshire pudding (officially known simply as “yorkie” to us)
  • corn timbale (like a pudding/bread)
  • STOUFFERS creamed spinach (yours won’t taste better then theirs anyway, nor will it have a slightly way-too-green color that is both vaguely scary and totally festive)
  • mystery dessert to be named later (i know what i am making, but just in case trace reads this, its a surprise)

what is funny to me as an adult is realizing how much time and money went into these dinners my mom used to do. because on christmas day, she always made a pork tenderloin (not my most favorite) but thats like, 200 dollars of MEAT in 48 hours, not to mention gifts, wine, etc etc etc..

our prime rib was on special.



  1. I always knew about this blog, but for some reason I’m just now discovering it.. Strange I know…

    Anywho, Christmas Eve dinner sounds very yummy! Better than what I’m expecting for the same meal, but don’t tell anyone I said that!

    As far as the “Wasila Visitor” is concerned, perhaps someone from the Palin camp has found and bugged your blog… be careful! You know how those crazy “mavericks” can be!

  2. I did read it!

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