and the beat goes on

it’s tuesday, i think, and i thought i’d update. actually, i thought i would take a nap, but apparently the steroids are kicking in and i feel totally crazy productive. things are going relatively well. though i do not wish to be sick, i happen to also be on vacation, so at least i am not miserable at work. i am wdw bound thursday, hence the ‘roids, as i am supposed to be running the half marathon on saturday. ah yes, when you finish laughing read on. i’ll wait…

yes, i signed up for the 3rd time a year ago, because, well, whenever you attempt something like that, you become dazed and confused and convinced that next year you will commit yourself to raining and redeem yourself! oh, yes, next year i will actually run the thing and finish in under 2.5 hours. yes, next year i will do it backwards, up hill, both ways!!!! ah such great plans….

instead, i have relapsed into contagion. i have the barky seal cough that causes my to choke, vomit and nearly pee whenever i try to lie on my back and sleep. and an ear ache. i am in a last ditch attmept currently to unclog y fae so that i can fly with out ACTUALLY exploding on my seat mate. #godforbid

assuming i don’t have a sudden fever and i can hear, i can totally make the trip. i’m meeting my fiance and his son (um yeah, i am going to be a step mom in  a year!!) there and we’ve got a great room at the contemporary. its all paid for but snackage. we signed up for a “family fun run”5K for the three of us on friday morning. this is when i thought it would be a nice little warm up for our perfectly trained for half marathon saturday. help us wake up early and just, as trace would say, “lightly jog” the course. then trace and i are signed up for my 3rd, his 1st, half marathon. he has only today stopped suggesting that this race, too, we can “lightly jog”.

So the plan is this: unless one or both of our heads explode in flight, we will do the family 5k – this we can walk easily without fear of being “swept” for slowness and the distance is short enough not to merit attention to special clothes or what not – other than blister patrol – and it should be fun. saturday will be a game time decision – the weather is currently forecasting to be at or around freezing with wind chill. assuming no foot damage, and patent cranial vaults, i am hoping we can just walk it. no light jogging. just light walking.

of course we are going to pretend to run whenever we see cameras.


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  1. My fingers are crossed for all 3 of you. I so wish I could be there to cheer you on, but alas, it is not meant to be this year. Even if the marathon disappoints, you’re still in Disney World, and have a room at the Contemporary, and that’s a pretty awesome “worst case scenario.” Love you all, good luck!

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