the blogging bridezilla

well, i hope i’m not a bridezilla yet! things have been a bit busy to say the least. finished the trip and the race(s) involved in the WDW trip and, despite the literally freezing temperatures, we did it! however, upon return, and back to work, i started getting sick again.

and now apparently i have pneumonia. i knew something was rattling around in my chest when i got that hideous cough back! so now i am sidelined again – missing probably 3 days of work and being bored. however, given that this is my third go round with the contagion that won’t go away, i want to be done with it!

and there is so much to do! my house is in full disarray yet – never really fully unpacked from 3 trips, and life keeps happening and i have wedding on the brain. oh, and i have to find a job in DFW. and apparently, the crackberry trackball is dead in the water, so i am probably needing to get a whole new phone, and, because i will be moving, and trace works for AT&T, it will be purchasing a dreaded iphone – more money and more confusion for me. i’ve just finally figured out how to “right click” on this macbook i’ve had for 3 months now.

its interesting to me not how much i am interested in all the wedding-y stuff, but how embarrassed it kind of makes me feel. on the one hand, i enjoy all these little party planning things, but i feel like i “shouldn’t” be so into all the traditional stuff? and i really really love my engagement ring! of course it’s beautiful and sentimental for many reasons and i’m gad that i do love it, but i am surprised how much i do! staring at a sparkly ring and feeling all googly is not a reaction i expected to have!

in the meantime, i’ve a full day of surfing the internet ahead of me, highlighted by intense breaks of TIVO viewing. with a sprinkling of naps.



  1. feel better soon hon!

  2. Okay, so I’m way out of the loop….so Congratulations on the engagement! You crazy kids šŸ˜‰

    Ya know, you really should take trips to cold weather places and run races in them….maybe next time you can run a half marathon in Boise or somewhere much warmer… LOL

    Take care of yourself and rest, you’ll be better before ya know it.

  3. I’m a big fan of feeling all goggly and sentimental! Enjoy it!!

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