dresses haunt my nightmares

i have been engaging in quite a few wasted hours (waisted?) endlessly surfing the internet looking at either wedding dresses, mens suits or DIY wedding invitation sites. the planning of the actual wedding is indeed in motion, and, assuming we get our date confirmed, all the work i really have to do is attempt to keep to the very lowest budget figure offered by the mouse (yes, a disney wedding). we are still awaiting a budget proposal (we have to accumulate a minimum expenditure to qualify for certain locations, etc..), so we are ever optimistic that our choices, along with an insanely modest (by our family sizes) guest list, we can have the things we want – just as long as i don’t go insane over white rose petals lining the wedding pavilion aisles, caviar and cinderella’s carriage to carry us to and fro. since we are using disney services, and since they are nothing if not a machine, we just have to pick buttercream or fondant and essentially write a check.

but then theres the dress issue. first off, i want to wear a dress, as opposed to jaunty pant suit, bowling shirt or burlap sack. however, i have concerns. i see my dress budget as modest as well. as in very modest. as in less than $1000, and preferably under $500. my reasons? well, i want a lovely dress, but even i do not want to pay megabucks for something i can’t really wear again (AND then i can drop the same amount on extremely fabulous shoes that i will wear again!). now, i am sure that for many brides, my modest budget is the top of theirs and i mean no disrespect. instead, i see how all the wedding shows and designer influences lead to dresses at wedding retailers that start at 3K. and, if nothing else, i am deathly afraid of falling madly in love with “the perfect dress” that is just waaaayyyy too expensive. also, i have concerns about finding something style appropriate for myself, not some cinderella flammable gown made for an 18 year old. i do however reserve the right to fall in love with some insane tutu frock with silk cabbage roses stuck all over it’s asymmetrical ball gown floof.

the thing is i am not entirely sure where to look. i have been all over the internet, and there are some interesting options – even a very cool site where dresses are apparently made to order and are quite reasonable. even j. crew and ann taylor have some really nice – and sensibly priced – dresses but anything off the internet runs the risk of being completely wrong in actual person. the bridal store option seems like one where the initial price point is too high to end up anywhere but david’s bridal, which maybe is not a bad thing (i saw a really cute dress online today!).

it's tea length but has some unfortunate flower appliques

what am i looking for then? something modern but romantic and flattering. shorter would be better. and ivory, champagne, palest pink or blush colored would be awesome. i do tend to like sparkly, fluffy and ethereal, but i am more tinker bell than cinderella. i also like modern column dresses. i just don’t dig the bright white, poorly made metallic-y lace monstrosities that appear on many “affordable” bridal sites. not that i like the overly cinderella, ruched beyond tomorrow, bustled get ups the higher end places tout. i also have been listening to some wedding podcasts. stop laughing, there are wedding podcasts and i have downloaded them ALL. and one good point that i sort of already knew but was driven home to me from one of these podcasts, is that at bridal stores you get more service beyond the dress in the way of alterations and other help with your dress. that’s important as well as this is probably the one garment i will buy that i will definitely be wanting to have tailored to perfection.

so what to do? where to look?

PS have you been to the louboutin site? the opening page intro deal are amazing and fun!

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  1. You lost me at “dresses” LOL. Kidding, hey, I know you’re talking like you hate this stuff but it’s obvious that you love it. 😉 I think we’ve only chatted once or twice (and I think it was last year at Victoria Falls over drinks.. I think you might have been making fun of Mike F. about his wine…) however, I can tell you’re the planning type. So take your time and enjoy it. Don’t get too wrapped up in the, well, wrapping. 🙂

    When’s the big day? You probably mentioned it, but I’m all sort of behind on the blogs and such.

    Oh, and Disney wedding? really? ha!

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