how to make a bridezilla


step 1) tell the bride to be that venue reservations can be made 1 year in advance

step 2) tell bride your date and time are available. in fact, a slight adjustment to your first choice time period will result in a smaller minimum expenditure for your event. begin work on an event proposal.

step 3) on the year prior date, state that a deposit won’t be required until the proposal is back, which may be another week.

step 4) upon further clarification, state that a deposit will confirm ceremony venue but the final confirmation on reception venue won’t be *for sure* until may-ish. i.e.; don’t send out any save-the-dates or whatever until you have a final contract in your hand.

step 5) brew

now, given the date and time of day of our event in planning, i really don’t think we are going to have trouble booking the wedding with our “theme” intact as we are hoping to. but i can’t help but wonder, why won’t you take my deposit now??! or as soon as the contract and proposal are done, why can’t i send out all kinds of cards, brochures, sky writing planes or what not if i so desire?

its-ah makin’ me-a crazy


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