back on track

apparently our date snafu issue of yesterday is a nonissue. thusly, i can begin to try and actually print the really cute STDs i’ve created. SAVE THE DATE CARDS, REMEMBER? i have gone all crafty and whipped up a very cute, wedding theme appropriate motif that i want to print on some cute cardstock from michaels and then do a little hand tinting with some colored pencils. all this would be fine if i could figure out how to get my printer to print reliably onto the ~ 5.5×5.5, ric-rac edged cards. the paper tray doesn’t allow me to square up the cards, and, other than the test one i did last week, it seems to suck them through all catty-wampus no matter what i’ve tried.

on the further “this will turn me into bridezilla” tip, i am convinced i can make all necessary invites and other paper paraphernalia for the wedding. given that our guest count will max out at 30 (including the groom and myself), it can’t make me that crazy to feed these things through the printer one at a time, right?

unrelated note: paraphernalia has an “er” in it? who knew?


  1. Here’s what I do when I’m printing onto an oddly shaped piece of paper:

    Print your document on a sheet of plain white paper. Place the piece you want to print on (the STDs in this case) on top of the printed sheet of paper. Hold both up to the light to make sure the printing lines up in the correct location for your STD. Keeping them held together, put them down on a hard surface and trace around the STD onto the plain white paper with a pen or pencil. Hold it up to the light one more time to make SURE it’s in the right spot. Use a re-positionable glue stick (post-it makes one) just inside the outline the shape along the top and sides. Place your STD inside the traced shape, press lightly to secure the glue, and run the sheet through the printer. The full size of the sheet will keep your STDs from getting “all catty-wampus” πŸ™‚ You should be able to use the same piece of paper for all of your STDs, though you may have to re-apply the glue every couple of passes through the printer. If any residue remains on the back of your STD, rub lightly with your finger, it should remove any traces of glue.

    And you can totally do it all yourself, that sort of run should be a piece of cake. I’ve been making and selling stationary & invites for several years now, I’m an old pro and I’ve got lots of tips and tricks like the one above to help you get the perfect result.

  2. ooh, I forgot to mention: Follow the directions on the re-positionable glue stick! Whichever paper you apply it to FIRST is (usually) the one it will continue to stick to. You’ll likely put it on the full sized piece first, allow it to set up for a minute, then place the STD on top. Just get the post-it version (you can find it at Target or Wal-Mart) and follow the directions.

    I know I’m using about 50 steps to explain something so small, but it’s one of those things that’s a ton easier to just show you than write an explanation for. Sorry I can’t magically transport to you there to help out. Good luck!

  3. sambycat

    great idea!!! i am going to find this stuff today!! thank god i have you on speed dial!! πŸ™‚

  4. Woot, congratulations on getting the date set!

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